Township Reorganization Emphasizes Community Safety

June 18, 2013

The Township of Esquimalt is reorganizing several departments and adding a Director of Community Safety Services. The current functions of bylaw enforcement, building inspection and emergency preparedness will be reassigned to this department. The Township will begin recruiting for the director immediately.

“We believe that a Community Safety Services Department will enhance community safety by creating a service hub with a more focussed and coordinated approach to community safety,” said CAO Laurie Hurst. “The reorganization as a whole will result in more effective, responsive and efficient operations across all departments.”

This consolidation of services addresses a strategic initiative identified earlier by Council to coordinate public safety and is ultimately focused on improving the quality of life for all residents. The first step in strategic implementation of the initiative began in 2012 when the Bylaw Enforcement Officer became a full time position with enhanced duties and requirements. This move resulted in improvements in Township bylaw enforcement, and reinforced the need for a more strategic approach to community safety issues.

The Director of Community Safety Services will oversee community risk assessment and analysis, and will liaise with police services and provide oversight to policing contract management. In addition, the position will work closely with community partners such as the Chamber of Commerce, residents associations, business associations, youth groups and volunteer groups to protect, preserve and improve public safety in the community.

The wider reorganization—recommended to Council after an internal service capacity and performance management review with all members of the senior leadership team—will relieve workload issues in a number of departments, including Development Services and Engineering/Public Works. Communications and human resources staff will now report to Corporate Services, and sustainability staff to Development Services.

For more information, please contact:
Laurie Hurst, Chief Administrative Officer
Phone: 250-414-7133