Township of Esquimalt Crews Respond to Gorge Oil Spill

November 30, 2015
Esquimalt News

On November 30th, Esquimalt’s Engineering and Public Works Department responded to a petrochemical spill on the Gorge Waterway near Sioux Place and Esquimalt Gorge Park. The Provincial Ministry of the Environment was also notified. 

The oil spill was noticed on the waterway at 9:30 a.m.  by Township crews.

Booms and absorbent tiles have been deployed at the site to help contain the spill. Crews are currently working to track the source of the spill. The substance and volume of the spill material are unknown at this time. Remediation efforts will continue over the next several days. 

The public is asked to keep their dogs out of the water at this location, and Wild Arc has been notified in case local water fowl are affected. 

If residents notice anyone putting a liquid into a manhole or catch basin, they are urged to call the Engineering and Public Works Department at 250-414-7108. The Township will thoroughly review any leads it receives.

The Township would also like to remind residents that materials dumped into the sanitary or storm water collection systems will eventually find their way to water bodies and these materials will have a negative impact on the water, shoreline and marine wildlife in the area. Please dispose of these materials in a responsible manner.

For more information, please contact:
Jeff Miller
Director of Engineering and Public Works
Tel: 250-414-7108