Small Quantity of Oil Discharged into West Bay Area of Esquimalt

March 29, 2012

Early this morning a very small amount of a petroleum-based product was discharged by an unknown person into the West Bay Marina area via Esquimalt’s storm water collection system, creating a sheen on the water’s surface.

The Township, in conjunction with Coast Guard and the provincial Ministry of Environment, has investigated the spill and determined that it is very minor in nature and does not pose a significant threat to the environment.

The Township is attempting to locate where the petroleum substance entered the storm water collection system, but due to the nature of the substance and the small quantity discharged, it is unlikely that the source point can be determined.

Residents are reminded that industrial substances like fuel, oils, and lubricants should not be poured into storm or sanitary collection systems, as they end up in our water ways, potentially causing harm to marine habitats.

Unwanted petroleum products can be disposed of in approved drop-off facilities located throughout the CRD. For information on hazardous waste disposal options, please click here.

For more information, please contact:

Jeff Miller, Director of Engineering and Public Works

Tel: 250-414-7108