Request for Public Input Regarding Parks and Recreation

May 28, 2009

Public input on Parks & Recreation fees and charges and Food Service Delivery is needed from user groups. In an effort to ensure good communication with the users of Esquimalt's Parks & Recreation Facilities, and the Community, the following initiatives are occurring:

1) Input into proposed Fees and Charges effective as of September 01, 2009

A report on proposed Fees and Charges for use of Esquimalt's Parks & Recreation Facilities will be presented to the Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee on June 18th, 7:00 pm, at the Esquimalt Recreation Centre. This public meeting is a chance for you to give your input on the suggested changes. The Meeting Agenda will be available on the municipal website by 4:00 pm on June 15th, 2009.

2) Friends of Archie Browning Sports Centre (FoABSC)

FoABSC is a society dedicated to protecting the services offered at the Archie Browning Sports Centre. As FoABSC operates and is set up as a separate society, the possibility of exploring grant options exists. It is urged that ALL user groups participate at some level with FoABSC. For more information and a membership application, visit the website at

3) Food Services Review Committee Members needed

Esquimalt's municipal council is establishing a Food Service Review Committee to collect information and make recommendations regarding the role municipal run food service operations should play in Esquimalt.

An open and public discussion is desired by Council to ensure all interested parties have input into what Food Services should be available in the Esquimalt Recreation Centre and Archie Browning Sports Centre. The nine member Committee will be represented as follows:

  • 2 members of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee
  • 1 members from Council
  • 2 members from Archie Browning Sports Centre user groups
  • 2 members from Recreation Centre user groups
  • 2 Community Members at Large

The Food Service Review Committee will begin meeting the first week of June. The goal is to have a report completed for presentation to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee in September 2009 and Council in October 2009 in time for the preparation of the 2010 budget.

All members are in place except for two from the Archie Browning Sports Centre. If you are actively involved in activities in the Sports Centre, and are not staff with the municipality, we need your help.

If you are interested in assisting with the Food Services Review Committee, please contact Jeff Byron at 250-412-8517.