Online Survey: Proposed Bus Route

February 3, 2009

Esquimalt residents can complete an online survey to provide their input on the proposed Bay Street Crosstown Bus Route. 

Two different bus route options are being considered by BC Transit. Option 1 includes bus service through Esquimalt, from the Dockyard Terminus across Esquimalt Road to Catherine Street to Bay Street to the Royal Jubilee Hospital. Option 2 does not include service to Esquimalt, the bus route would stop and loop through Vic West. Full details on the proposed bus routes, schedules and maps are available on the BC Transit website.

Individuals can vote between the bus route options by completing the BC Transit online survey. The providing of personal information is not required to participate in the survey.

BC Transit will be holding Customer Information Sessions in mid-February, for specific dates and locations please visit the BC Transit website.

For more information contact:
Marlene Lagoa, Manager of Communications and Sustainability
Township of Esquimalt
Tel: 250-414-7122