McLoughlin Amenity Funds Public Engagement Update

April 24, 2018
Esquimalt News

Round 1 of public input for use of the $17M McLoughlin Amenity Funds is completed and has now been compiled. Thank you to everyone who participated in this process.

The engagement process gathered just under 5000 pieces of input, including 4025 inputs from an online survey, 266 from interactive Idea Walls at Township facilities, 432 from an Ideas Fair held at Esquimalt Municipal Hall, and 160 from social media pages. 

All of this input has been posted for public review here.

Round 1 began on February 22, 2018 with the well-attended Ideas Fair, and concluded on March 17 with the completion of our Round 1 online survey. Consultants compiled the data for presentation to Council and for posting to the Township website. 

Not all of the ideas provided through the process fall within the criteria for funding, but those that do not will be used where possible for future planning and strategic processes.

Round 2 of the community engagement process will commence in May 2018. Watch for a mobile engagement booth at Township events through the spring and summer months of 2018, and a second online survey and social media campaign starting in May, 2018. 

 In January 2017, the CRD and the Township of Esquimalt agreed on an amenity funding package associated with locating the wastewater treatment plant at McLoughlin Point. A one-time CRD contribution of $17 million—the McLoughlin Point Amenity Reserve Funds – will be used for capital projects in waterfront parks, recreation facilities, and a public safety facility.