Esquimalt youth given funding opportunity for BC Youth Parliament

October 15, 2019
Esquimalt News

Young adults from Esquimalt interested in taking part in BC's Youth Parliament (BCYP) now have a little extra help from the Township.

Esquimalt Township Council voted unanimously to fund up to three students who successfully apply to the BCYP program. Each applicant who is accepted normally pays a fee of $399. 

The British Columbia Youth Parliament is a youth-run organization with the aim of promoting youth service in our community. Applicants must be between the ages of 16 and 21. Only 97 applicants will be selected as members and be a resident of B.C.

The program opportunity to develop public speaking skills and gain knowledge about parliamentary procedure. Members debate resolutions pertaining to local, national, and international issues of their own choosing, and draft bills to debate policy and learn procedure. With the opportunity to run activities ranging from social gatherings to fundraisers to service projects, members are given the opportunity to meet other youth in their communities and work together.

While the deadline for applications to Youth Parliament is October 29, registration funding will be applied to the first three completed applications  
submitted to the Township by October 22, 2019. Once applications are received and finalized they will be forwarded to the organization for their consideration. 

Moved by Councillor Armour, seconded by Councillor Vermeulen: that Council:
  1. receive the Letter from Rhonda Vanderfluit, Registrar, Youth Parliament of B.C. Alumni Society, dated September 12, 2019, Re: British Columbia Youth Parliament, 91st Parliament;
  2. forward letter to Esquimalt Schools and Township Youth Committee members;
  3. approve funding for up to three Esquimalt resident students attending schools in Esquimalt of $399.00 per applicant; and
  4. post letter and application to municipal website and social media channels.  Carried unanimously.