Election signs and exclusion zones

October 6, 2020
Esquimalt News

Election signs on municipal property: where not to place them

For complete details on the township's policy regarding election signs on municipal property, read the full document.

Briefly, election signs shall not:

a) Be placed upon municipally-owned parcels of land such as the Municipal Hall, Recreation Center or Public Parks;
b) Be placed upon municipal road allowances immediately abutting municipally-owned parcels of land or a public school;
c) Be placed within landscaped medians or traffic islands located within municipal road allowances;
d) Exceed 0.37 square metres (4 square feet) in size when placed on a municipal road allowance.

For clarification, here are maps for the 3 exclusion zones around polling stations:

Residents concerned that a sign is placed improperly may contact the relevant party office or make a complaint to our Bylaw Services. 

BC Provincial election

The next election is October 24, 2020