Corporate Logo Launched

September 26, 2008

Esquimalt has just launched a new corporate logo, which can now be seen on street banners in the 800-block of Esquimalt Road. The logo was developed as part of a project, now underway, to redesign the municipal website.

The logo is intended to promote a positive community image, town pride, and recognition of municipal correspondence, projects, and initiatives both within Esquimalt and outside of the municipality.

The logo design process began in January and early discussions between designers, Graphically Speaking, and municipal stakeholders concluded that literal or direct references to Esquimalt’s naval heritage, although important, would not adequately represent Esquimalt as a diverse, progressive, and dynamic island municipality.

Graphically Speaking’s design team developed several logo renditions, which were more conceptual and abstract. According to Dale Slattery, Graphically Speaking’s Vice President, Creative, “This approach resulted in a final logotype with design elements and a colour palette that echo land and sea, while the choice of typography maintains a traditional flavour.”

The new corporate logo will replace outdated Fire Department and Parks and Recreation logos and will be used for advertising, signs, and corporate communication materials. Esquimalt’s corporate coat of arms will continue to be used, but will be reserved for official and ceremonial purposes.

Mayor Chris Clement, who participated on the logo design review committee, is excited about the new logo. He says, “Our new logo will brand Esquimalt as a progressive and sustainable community moving forward into the 21st century.”