Environmentally Sensitive Areas

The Gorge Waterway has been declared an environmentally sensitive area, due to its role in providing fish and wildlife habitat. The Official Community Plan has established Development Permit Area No. 4 for properties adjacent to the Gorge Waterway… More

Infill Housing

Esquimalt has established guidelines for infill housing in residential areas. Infill housing is sometimes referred to as Small Lot development; however, Esquimalt does not have a Small Lot Zone. Instead, the municipality may rezone parcels to Comprehensive Development Zones. More

Multi-Family Residential

The current Zoning Bylaw provides a range of multiple family uses at differing densities from townhouses through to apartment buildings. Parcels identified for multi-family use are part of a Development Permit Area No. 1and are subject to design guidelines. More

Strata Titling of Rental Units

Esquimalt Council encourages the conversion of existing two-family residences (duplexes) and apartment buildings to strata title ownership provided the buildings are upgraded to certain standards and certain amenities are provided for the residents.


Properties may only be subdivided into fee simple lots if all of the resulting parcels would meet the minimum parcel size and minimum parcel width established by the current Zoning Bylaw for each zone. More