Official Community Plan Amendment

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is a statement of the municipality’s goals and policies and is intended to provide direction for future growth and development in the community.

The OCP provides the following broad land use designations:

  • Residential: Single-Unit and Two-Unit, Multi-Unit, Townhouse, and Floathome
  • Commercial - Mixed: Esquimalt Village, Esquimalt Road/Head Street, Craigflower Road/Tillicum Road, and West Bay Harbour
  • Industrial: Esquimalt Industrial Park, Dockyards/Old Esquimalt, Former Oil Storage Facility (McLoughlin Point Special Use)
  • Institutional
  • Federal: Macaulay Point - Work Point, and Wardroom (Hospital Area)

An Official Community Plan Amendment Application is required to change an OCP designation (for example, from Residential to Commercial).

Usually amendments to the Official Community Plan are done in conjunction with a Rezoning Application and follow the same process.

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