What is a Zoning Bylaw? 

The Zoning Bylaw is a document that regulates how land, buildings and other structures may be used in Esquimalt. The Zoning Bylaw specifies the permitted uses in a zone and regulates aspects of building construction such as building size, height and location on a parcel. 

What is a Rezoning application?

When a development proposal does not meet the bylaw requirements for use and density as specified in the Bylaw, a rezoning application is required. In some cases, an application may also trigger and amendment to the Official Community Plan.

A Rezoning Application:

  • is required to change the zoning of a property from one category to another; 
  • must be reviewed by the Advisory Planning Commission;
  • in most cases requires a public hearing before being approved by Council.
Download a Rezoning Application and complete the Application Checklist.

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