Accessibility: 2022 Election

If you have accessibility issues and require assistance in voting, please note the following available options:

  • Assistance receiving a ballot ("curb-side" voting): if an eligible elector travels to a voting place and cannot easily access the building or room in which voting is taking place, an election official may bring them a ballot. They would be able to vote without leaving the car, and the election official would ensure that the secrecy of the ballot is maintained and will immediately insert the ballot into the vote counting machine
  • Assistance marking a ballot: if an eligible elector is unable to mark their own ballot, another person, such as an election official, friend or relative, may assist them. That person will be required to sign a solemn declaration before being able to provide assistance in marking the ballot.
  • Translation: if an eligible elector requires assistance from a translator, they may bring one, as long as the translator makes a solemn declaration that they can and will translate to the best of their ability.
  • Mail in Ballots: There will be an opportunity to apply for a mail in ballot in mid August 2022.  Updated information on how to apply will be posted closer to the date.