Oil-type substance detected on the Gorge Waterway


Esquimalt, BC—Township staff responded to an oily substance detected on the Gorge Waterway on Friday, January 19.

The Township of Esquimalt is working collaboratively with the Songheees First Nation and the District of Saanich in terms of response and information-sharing. The origin has been identified as a home oil tank. The tank has since been contained and drained.

Booms were deployed in areas of concern and spill response professionals are assisting with containing the effluent. 

Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy representatives have been notified as well. Township staff will continue monitoring the situation and assisting in containment as needed.

There are no reports of any harm to wildlife or other significant negative effects. 

Anyone spotting a spill, or notice the risk of one occurring, are asked to report it immediately by calling 1-800-663-3456.


[updated Jan 22]