Juvenile Fire Setters

Has your child shown an interest in experimenting with fire?
Are you concerned that your guidance isn't enough to see them through this stage?

Esquimalt Fire Rescue is proud to offer the Juvenile Fire Setters Program, which was developed by the BC Fire Safety Advisory Council in conjunction with the Office of the Fire Commissioner. This program is recognized as an effective tool for intervention and prevention of fires started by youth.

The program is initiated, when a youth, who has been observed experimenting with fire, is identified by our service. An in-depth interview process is set up with the youth and his/her caregivers to identify any potential problems and to provide appropriate educational materials.

The Juvenile Fire Setter program helps parents to:

  • Educate children that lighters and matches are tools for adult use
  • Understand the nature of fire experimentation
  • Ensure that their residence is fire safe

For more information about the program or to receive assistance with a particular situation, phone our Assistant Chief of Community Services at 250-414-7127.