Esquimalt Together Against Graffiti

General Information

Graffiti is any mark or drawing placed on property without the owner’s consent. It is vandalism. It is a crime.

ETAG is a joint effort by the Township, the Victoria Police Department and citizen volunteers. The aim is to keep graffiti under control by removing the “tags” or “pieces” from public and private buildings and walls without delay. Many local businesses support the effort to make Esquimalt a graffiti free zone.

What can citizens and the business community do?

  • Report Graffiti to the ETAG Hotline: 250-414-7154
  • Remove: Keep your neighbourhood or business free of graffiti by wiping off or painting over tags on hydro poles, mailboxes, benches etc as soon as they appear. Support for removal may be available. Call Hotline for more information.
  • Volunteer for ETAG: a very minimal weekly time commitment can make a huge difference in Graffiti management in our community. Learn how you can volunteer with ETAG by calling the hotline at 250-414-7154.

Is it worth the effort?

Absolutely! Graffiti vandals have their own “grapevine”. They learn very quickly that graffiti is not wanted in Esquimalt.

Report, Remove, Volunteer

ETAG Hotline: 250-414-7154

ETAG was proud to host TAGS 2009; an international Anti-Graffiti Symposium.