Program Protocols

Program Protocols to Support Health & Safety 

More specifically to programs, please note the following in effect to support the health and safety of program participants and staff:

  • Limited program capacity.

  • Advanced registrations only (no walk-ins).

  • Health declaration will be required upon registration for every session.

  • For fitness classes, arrive ready for workout to help minimize changeroom access and maintain physical distancing at all times (lockers are not available, do not bring valuables).

  • Please check-in for program at the specific location, arriving no more than 5-minutes before the start of your program. Instructors/program facilitators will take attendance. No chit from reception will be required.

  • Where possible, clients are asked to enter from side doors, which will be open 5-minutes to the start of the program (signage will be posted).

  • If queuing for entry outside the facility, please adhere to physical distancing of 2 metres between persons and follow the marked signage, where available.

  • When entering the facility, wash hands (participants are welcome to bring own hand sanitizer). Program spaces with designated hand washing sinks include Fernhill, Kanaka, Rec Centre Kitchen, Pioneer B & Constance Cove.

  • Do not share equipment. For select classes, participants may be required to bring own equipment. This will be communicated upon registration. Where equipment is used, sanitization supplies will be provided. Clients will be ask to sanitize equipment at the conclusion of the sessions. Additional time between programs will not be scheduled to allow for further cleaning.

  • No loitering after class or in facility to allow for additional sanitization and ensure physical distancing is maintained.