Facility Capacity/Room Occupancy

Physical Distancing Room/Facility Occupancy Guidelines

Whenever possible, activities are to be conducted in outdoor spaces. Where operating indoors, doors are to propped open for better air circulation. Deep cleaning of spaces is completed each evening. Before using a facility space or equipment, users are kindly requested to assist with sanitzing zones before and after use. 

Occupancy limits will be updated as further direction is received from health authorities and the province enters new phases of the BC Restart Plan

Last updated: August 14, 2020, 10:05am

Archie Browning Sports Centre 

Crow's Nest40
Upstairs Lounge40
Curling RinkWaiting for Return to Play Guidelines
Curling Rink Hallway10
Meeting Room A/Men's Lounge8
Small Lounge/Women's Lounge5
Meeting Room B6

Arena Lobby Room / Birthday Party Room

Player's Benches (in Arena)

5 (+ extended into identified arena seating area)

Penalty Bench3
Arena Lobby - Upper Section with Viewing8
Arena Lobby - Lobby Section by Concession14
Hockey Hallway20
Dressing RoomsCome ready-to-play*
Women's/Accessible Dressing Room 3
Arena Stands48 (No seating, standing on top level by rail only.)
Referee Room2
Storage Locker1
Minor Hockey Office2
Cougar Dressing Room14
Cougar Office4

*No dressing room access at this time. 

Esquimalt Recreation Centre 

Weight Room First Floor18
Weight Room Second 8Floor6
Senior Centre6
Atrium Convertible12

0 (No loitering or congregating in facility permitted at this time)

Pioneer A8
Pioneer B6
Pioneer A & B Combined14
Constance Cove

20 (Licensed Childcare Use Only)

Jubilee Hall (Gymnasium)30
Lower Multipurpose10