60 Day Challenge

We're excited to have you joining us for the 60 Day Challenge. You can expect the weeks ahead to be filled with fun, learning and invigorating workouts! We hope you feel the sense of community as a participant in the Challenge and are inspired by our experts staff and eachother. We congratulate you on investing in your health and wellness - and we are thrilled to be a part of your journey!

Below please find resources and information to support you on your journey. Please check back as new content will continually be added:

Mini-Session Schedule

As a Challenge participant, you are invited to participate in these weekly specialized classes. These classes are open to 60-Day Challenge participants only. Your 60-Day Challenge Program registration includes registration in each of these classes. You will receive an email reminder for each session as a tool to support you in living your best lifestyle!

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Drop-in Fitness Class Schedule

Attend a class on your training day for no charge or if you are a pass holder - admission to drop-in classes is also included. Curious about the class or not sure if a pass is right for you, enjoy the flexibility of drop-in admission for just $5.75/class.

Drop-in Fitness Schedule

60 Day Activity Tracker

We know that writing things down helps us to commit, stay motivated, and celebrate our successes. Please use this tool either electronically or on paper (ask your trainer for a copy). We’ve set up a points system that’s easy to follow, add 1 point for every 10 minutes of exercise, and everything counts from walking to yoga to weight training! Stay tuned for prizes related to your activity tracker!

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Weekly Challenge

Check here each week for your new challenge! We'll be introducing new excerises and activities for you to try something new and different each week.

Week 1: Focus on Posture with the Shoulder Blade Squeeze

This week’s challenge is to add one posture-focused move to your day. A basic move that can be done anywhere, anytime (e.g. in the grocery store line-up or sitting at your computer) is the shoulder blade squeeze which is done by flexing then pulling your shoulder blades (scapula) together which in turn bring the shoulders down and back - hold for 10-20 seconds and repeat several times throughout the day. See here to learn more about this move and other strength and stretch exercises for better posture.  

Week 2: Try Drop-in Fitness Class

We challenge you to try a drop-in fitness class this week. If you have done drop-in fitness classes before, we challenge you to try a new class! As you are experiencing with the 60 Day Challenge program, group classes provide motivation, structure and instruction on proper form. A drop-in fitness class envrionment provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and an encouraging instructor -- combining for an incredibly supportive atmosphere. Have a little extra fun with the class and take a selfie with the Instructor - share the photo with us on social media (tagging us in your post with the hashtags #Esquimalt #Motivated #Inspired & we'll enter you in to WIN a one-month pass). Only 60 Day Challenge participants are eligible for this contest. Draw will take place at the end of the Challenge as we present a few more opportunities to enter in the coming weeks...  

Week 3:  Drink Your Water

To go along with our week #3 tip we are challenging everyone to drink 2 litres, YES 2 LITRES,  of water a day for 7 days. If you already do this then you are a rock star! But, chances are that most people are not drinking enough water for optimum health. 
There are so many benefits to increasing your water intake. Some of those include:

  • Maximizing physical performance
  • Weight Loss
  • Increase energy and brain function
  • Reduces headaches
  • Improves your complexion
  • Flushes out Toxins

Take the challenge and feel AMAZING! 

Week 4: Push-up Challenge

Here's an activity you can do anywhere: at home, travelling for work? - in your hotel room, with your children, even on a park bench... you get the idea! PUSH-UPS and push-up variations. With the weather this week, we are challenging you tackle this in the comfort of your own home. Infusing your daily home routine with a simple at home exercise, even taking just 2 minutes to complete, releases adrenaline and keeps you moving even when that cozy blanket and fireplace is calling. This week we challenge you to complete 3 x 10 reps of two different styles of push-ups... see this weeks featured article - here.

Week 5: Balance Challenge

This weeks challenge is related to our tips about BALANCE. Be creative!  There are MANY different ways that you can incorporate balance into your workouts.  One example would be to plank with your elbows on a ball.  To make it even harder, lift a leg up!!  Here is a link to some other beginner to intermediate exercises that challenge your balance! 

Week 6: Alternative Transportation Challenge

This week we invite you to modify your transportation. If you rely on a car for travel, no worries - we have some strategies for you too in this weeks article. Your challenge this week is to modify an aspect of your transaportation every day. Of course a fabulous bonus to this weeks challenge is the benefit to the envrionment. We encourage you to let your instructor know how you've modified your transportation or share a selfie with us of your activity in action on social media. If you do, tag us in your post with the hashtag #Esq60Days

Week 7: Try Something New

With just two weeks left in the 60 Day Challenge, we want you to infuse your routine with something new! Boredom can be a detrimental to your motivation but with your trainers’ support, you have being doing an amazing job and keeping up the fitness routine! As the program wraps up, we want to ensure you have the tools to keep going – to keep getting stronger, healthier and feeling your best version of yourself. This week we challenge you to try a class or activity - or piece of equipment in the wellness centre that you have not yet tried before. View our drop-in schedules online and use the day-of-week filters to find a session that works for your schedule:

Ask your trainer or the wellness attendant on duty for assistance with equipment in the weight room, if required.

As always, we love to your photos of you in action! We encourage you to share a selfie with us of your activity in action on social media. If you do, tag us in your post with the hashtag #Esq60Days – or email us at [email protected]... For anyone sharing their photos, your trainers will have some free passes for you at the end of the Challenge.  

Week 8: Stretch

Another way to wind your body down and calm you mind is to stretch before bed. 
Increase your daily stretch by 5 minutes.

In other words, if you don’t stretch in the evening before going to bed, give it a try.
Big muscle groups want a minimum of 30 seconds each.  Remember to breath through your stretch; deep cleansing breaths in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.  

Make sure your body is warmed up before going into each stretch, and remember that we don’t force a stretch.  Listen to your comfort zone...


Weekly Tip

Check back here for your weekly tip - from recipes to "how to's" these will keep you motivated for the program - and beyond!

Additional Articles:


Check back here as we announce the weekly winners! Congratulations to the winners of draw prizes for this week! Your instructors will be nominating one person from each of their groups each week. From that group three people are randomly drawn for prizes. You can pick up your prize from your instructor next time you see them. 

Check back each week as winners are announced


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