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Quick reference menu of forms available on this page:

Camp Emergency Forms

Medical Forms

Required, as applicable, for our licensed programs and summer camps.

Contractor Course Application Form

Interested in offering a program through Esquimalt Parks & Recreation? Please submit a course application form to [email protected]

Lounge Requests

Special Event Application

Fitness & Personal Training Requests

For your health and safety, please complete a Personal Training Form before using our personal training services.

Rock Climbing Permit

Tree Permits


L.I.F.E Leisure Involvement for Everyone

LIFE Online Application

Art Supply Lists

2020/2021 School Year

OSC Application 2020/2021     Preschool Application 2020/2021   Puddle Jumpers Nature Preschool Application 2020/2021

2021/2022 School Year

OSC Application 2021/2022          Preschool Application 2021/2022
Puddle Jumpers Nature Preschool Application 2021/2022