Try it. Free Program Demos Available in January

November 27, 2018

We're proud to offer dozens of opportunities to try several of our registered programs January 6th-21st! If you are wondering if the program is exactly what you are looking for or how it fits into your schedule, this is your chance to have those questions answered: experience a session and speak with the instructor to learn more. Please be sure to pre-register for the free program demo as space is limited. Register online, by phone (250-412-8500) or in person at the Esquimalt Recreation Centre, 527 Fraser Street.

Be sure to also take advantage of our Free Pop-Up Art Booths at the Student & Instructor Art Show Opening Reception on January 10th. Click here for those event details and for a complete schedule of Pop-up Art Booths.

Free Promo Demo Schedule

Click program title to learn more - and to register online!

Mon, Jan 710:05am-10:55amGentle Fit
Mon, Jan 711:05-11:55amMindful Movement Chair Yoga
Mon, Jan 712:05pm-12:50pmTRX Training
Mon, Jan 71:15pm-2:45pmZoomers Land & Water Class
Mon, Jan 76:45pm-7:45pmYoga for Runners
Mon, Jan 77:00pm-8:30pmKundalini Yoga for Beginners
Tue, Jan 89:00am-10:00amSpin, Core & Stretch
Tue, Jan 89:30am-10:45amGentle Yoga
Tue, Jan 810:15am-11:30am50+ Weight Training
Tue, Jan 811:00am-11:50amAging Backwards
Tue, Jan 812:10pm-12:55pmPilates Fusion
Tue, Jan 81:00pm-1:45pmZoomers Suspension Training
Tue, Jan 86:15pm-7:30pmSpin & Conditioning
Tue, Jan 87:00pm-8:30pmTherapeutic Yoga
Wed, Jan 91:15pm-2:45pmZoomers Land & Water Class
Wed, Jan 95:30pm-6:25pmPilates Back-to-Basics & Beyond
Wed, Jan 96:30pm-7:25pmBarre Fitness
Wed, Jan 96:45pm-8:15pmGentle Therapeutic Yoga
Wed, Jan 97:00pm-8:15pmBuddhist Meditation
Wed, Jan 97:30pm-8:30pmSalsa Cardio Core
Wed, Jan 97:45pm-8:30pmTRX Combo
Thu, Jan 1010:15am-11:30am50+ Weight Training
Thu, Jan 1010:15am-11:30amGentle Yoga
Thu, Jan 101:30pm-2:30pmTRX Training
Thu, Jan 106:00pm-7:00pmArtLab
Thu, Jan 106:00pm-7:00pmWatercolour on Masa Paper
Thu, Jan 106:30pm-7:30pmStitch Lab
Thu, Jan 106:30pm-7:30pmWatercolour with Dixie MacUisdin
Thu, Jan 107:00pm-8:00pmDrawing, Storybooks & Comics
Thu, Jan 107:00pm-8:00pmDrawing Basics
Thu, Jan 106:45pm-8:15pmGentle Yin Yoga
Fri, Jan 1110:15am-11:15amMat Stretch & Strength
Fri, Jan 1112:00pm-1:30pmBuddhist Mediation
Fri, Jan 1112:05pm-12:50pmZoomers Suspension Training
Fri, Jan 112:00pm-3:00pmNatural Movement Therapy
Fri, Jan 116:00pm-6:50pmHybrid Conditioning
Sat, Jan 128:45am-9:45amSpin & Conditioning
Sat, Jan 1210:00am-10:30amTap, Jazz & Creative Movement Combo 
Sat, Jan 1210:30am-11:00amJunior Ballet
Mon, Jan 142:15pm-3:00pmHawaiian Hula
Tue, Jan 155:30pm-6:00pmGuitar for Beginners (Kids)
Tue, Jan 156:00pm-6:30pmGuitar for Beginners (Adults)
Wed, Jan 1610:15am-10:45amFamily Dance - Dance Together
Thu, Jan 176:00pm-6:30pmGlee Club
Thu, Jan 176:30pm-7:00pmImprov
Fri, Jan 181:45pm-2:45pmSinging in Spanish
Mon, Jan 216:30pm-7:15pmCountry 2Step
Mon, Jan 217:15pm-8:00pmWestcoast Swing