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Traffic Calming

What is traffic calming? It is the use of different methods - structures, education and enforcement - to influence drivers to keep their travel speed to within the posted speed limit. 

The Township Guide to Traffic Calming describes the Township of Esquimalt’s approach to neighbourhood traffic calming, as well as funding and implementation policies. Read the guide here.

Boulevard Modification

What is the boulevard? The right-of-way is divided into two main portions with the first portion being the travel corridor (road, curb and gutters). The remaining portion from the back of curb to the property line is defined as the boulevard. Its primary purpose is to allow for the installation of infrastructure (Township or other stakeholders) that provide services to the adjacent properties and the greater community.

Parking Restrictions

What are parking restrictions? They are restrictions that are established on a road which modifies what type of parking is allowed on the road. There are different types of restrictions for different locations and situations. 

This guide describes the Township of Esquimalt’s’ approach to parking restrictions. Read the guide here.