"Bag It": A FREE Film Screening Event

Sunday, July 22, 2018 -
15:00 to 19:00
Where: Esquimalt Recreation Centre, 527 Fraser Street
When: July 22, 2018 -
3:00PM to 7:00PM

Come mingle with local makers/bakers/growers, local change making businesses and educational groups to learn more about what happens to the waste you create and it's impact on our environment both locally & globally! Ask the questions you need to to deepen your knowledge and get exposed to some awesome ways to shop locally and reduce your waste!

This is an all ages event that we highly encourage the whole family to attend. Snacks will be provided. Bring a reusable cup for beverages.

This 45 minute screening will take place at 3:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. to ensure we maximize the number of people who can attend.


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About the Film  

Americans use 60,000 plastic bags every five minutes—single-use disposable bags that we mindlessly throw away. But where is “away?” Where do the bags and other plastics end up, and at what cost to our environment, marine life and human health?

Bag It follows “everyman” Jeb Berrier as he navigates our plastic world. Jeb is not a radical environmentalist, but an average American who decides to take a closer look at our cultural love affair with plastics. Jeb’s journey in this documentary film starts with simple questions: Are plastic bags really necessary? What are plastic bags made from? What happens to plastic bags after they are discarded?

Jeb looks beyond plastic bags and discovers that virtually everything in modern society—from baby bottles, to sports equipment, to dental sealants, to personal care products—is made with plastic or contains potentially harmful chemical additives used in the plastic-making process. When Jeb’s journey takes a personal twist, we see how our crazy-for-plastic world has finally caught up with us and what we can do about it. Today. Right now. 

Watch the film trailer here: 


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