Lyall / Lampson Corridors

During July 2018, the Township of Esquimalt undertook a comprehensive
study of its transportation system. The overall goal of the study is to improve comfort and safety for all travel modes on the corridors—particularly
cyclists and pedestrians—by improving active transportation facilities while retaining acceptable traffic movement and minimizing impacts on neighbourhood parking.

As part of this study, two online surveys were developed to gather input from residents on the Lampson Street and Lyall Street corridors. Some 600 people participated in the survey. The surveys focused on the community’s attitudes and preferences with respect
to active transportation infrastructure on the corridors.

Data from the surveys will now be used to inform infrastructure design, including
on-street parking, bike lanes, shared lane markings, and sidewalks.

Lyall Street Open House

An open house was held on Thursday November 22 to present concept plans for Lyall Street based on public input to date.  Engineering staff members and consultants were on hand to answer questions.

Did you miss the open house? Please review the presentation here  and provide your comments by December 21, 2018 to [email protected].

Project Process

The process leading to a final design of the Lyall Street corridor will include:

  • a staff report to Council providing a summary of feedback, staff recommendations, alternate options and cost estimates;
  • corridor design based on direction from Council;
  • communications with residents directly affected by the design (primarily those properties that front Lyall Street)
  • design review by various departments and relevant agencies; 
  • tentatively, a final design open house to display the design; and,
  • a final report to Council for an update on project cost and funding/phasing options.

For more information, please contact:
Will Wieler, Engineering Manager
Tel: 250-414-7130