Will Municipal Hall, the library and the Public Safety Building remain open during construction?
Yes, all facilities will remain open and emergency services will be operating as usual. Access to the library will be maintained through Municipal Hall, or via the sidewalk west of the Hall.

During construction, what will happen to events that are normally held at the Town Square?
Events that normally take place in the square will be moved to other venues including Memorial Park, Bullen Park, or the plaza area at Archie Browning Sports Centre.

Where will I park during construction? 
Please see our parking page here.

Will the electrical vehicle charging station be moved?
Yes, the charging station was moved to the parking lot west of Memorial Park. 

How will I access the library during construction?
The library will remain open during construction, but patrons will need to find alternate parking spots. Access to the library will be through Municipal Hall, or via the sidewalk west of the Hall. 

What will happen to the playground at Town Square?
The playground will be dismantled and equipment will be utilized in other Township parks where possible. 

What will happen to the heritage Garry oaks adjacent to Municipal Hall? 
The two Garry oaks beside the hall will remain in place and form an important part of the Town Square for years to come. During construction, a protective fence will be erected around the trees.

Can the public continue to use the Town Square as an access corridor during construction?
No. Much of the site is barricaded for safety and the public is asked to avoid the area during construction.