Commercial Vehicle License

All commercial vehicles used or operated in Esquimalt must display a commercial vehicle licence.

A commercial vehicle is:

  • a vehicle licensed under the Commercial Transport Act, or
  • a vehicle used for the collection or delivery, or both, of merchandise or another commodity in the ordinary course of a business.

Certain farm vehicles and commercial vehicles not being used for the purpose of a person’s business or by an organization for profit are exempt from licensing under this program.

A licence:

  • consists of a decal that is affixed to the inside of the windshield and must be kept unobstructed and in a legible condition
  • may be transferred from one person to another person for the same commercial vehicle and from one commercial vehicle to another commercial vehicle for the same person upon payment of the licence transfer fee
  • issued in one municipality is valid in all other municipalities that participate in this program

The licence is valid from January to December.

Commercial vehicle licences may be purchased at the Municipal Hall upon presentation of the vehicle registration papers and payment of the applicable licence fee:

Category of Licence Licence Fee
GVW not exceeding 2,800 kg$25.00
GVW over 2,800 kg to 11,800 kg$30.00
GVW over 11,800 kg to 20,000 kg$35.00
GVW over 20,000 kg$40.00
Vehicle licensed under Section 10
of the Commercial Transport Act
Licence Transfer Fee$6.25

See Schedule "A" of the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Bylaw.