Esquimalt Active Park


Call 250-412-8500 to register for our programs and equipment orientations.

FREE ORIENTATIONS!!! (Limited Time Offer!)

April 18-May 31, 2012 enjoy FREE orientations to the NEW equipment in Esquimalt’s Outdoor Active Park. Please call 250-412-8500 to book through our Wellness Centre Attendants. During a 20 minute orientation you will become familiar with each piece so that you can create your own workouts. Orientations are available at varying times 7 days a week; please call for current availability. Orientations must be booked in advance.

Orientations after May 31, $10/person; $15/two persons.  Receive a FREE training log with your orientation.  If you're looking to experience the benefits of a workout with one of our Certified Fitness Instructors, check out the NEW registered programs below.


Outdoor Circuit Fit
Experience the NEW Outdoor Active Park with our Certified Fitness Instructors. Our energetic staff will lead you through a total body workout with intervals, keeping the program dynamic and fun! Stay motivated and committed to your fitness routine by experiencing the benefits of this registered fitness program.
37935   Mon    Jun 4-25     $28/4
37912   Mon    Jul 9-30      $28/4
37919   Mon    Aug 13-27  $21/3
   37921   Wed    Jun 6-27    $28/4
   37922   Wed    Jul 4-25     $28/4
   37923   Wed    Aug 1-29   $35/5

Weight Loss Training Camp
Kick-start your fitness goals in the outdoors at our NEW Outdoor Active Park. Infuse your workout regime with sunshine, fresh air and a motivating instructor. Month-to-month registration provides flexibility while still supporting you to get results. This program is ideal for the adult who is new or newer to fitness, not quite sure where to start but wants to lose a few pounds and/or needs help staying on track to meet their fitness goals.
37931   Fri    Jun 1-29        $35/5   
37932   Fri    Jul 6-27         $28/4   
37933   Fri    Aug 3-31        $35/5   

Steppin’ Into the Outdoors
This class provides a great opportunity to help you get fit this summer. Emphasis is on lower body exercises to help your strength and tone your legs and glutes. Get your heart rate elevated as our Certified Fitness Instructor's keep you on track while trying this new and exciting workout in Esquimalt's Outdoor Active Park and on Bullen Field.
37925   Sat    Jun 2-30     $35/5
37926   Sat    Jul 7-28      $28/4   
37927   Sat    Aug 4-26    $28/4   

E = Senior Fit, funded by the Province of British Columbia, Age Friendly Funding
This FREE 6-week program will be held in Esquimalt’s NEW Active Park! Each weekly session will include a warm-up, gentle fitness workout, stretching and cool down, lead by one of our certified group fitness instructors. Sessions will also include step-by-step instruction on the safe and effective use of all outdoor fitness pieces plus information about goal setting, self-monitoring, staying motivated, achieving success and rewarding yourself. Join us for this exciting new fitness program designed especially for Seniors.                       
37063   Thu   Jul 5-Aug 9          10:00-11:00am
37064   Fri     Jul 20-Aug 24      1:00-2:00pm              

Location: Off the Esquimalt Recreation Centre parking lot, 527 Fraser Street
Phone: Register through the Esquimalt Recreation Centre, 250-412-8500.




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FREE Orientations April 18-May 31, 2012. Call 250-412-8500 to book. Programs Click here for our Esquimalt Active Park Programs Brochure