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Esquimalt Council Announces Policing Recommendation
October 18, 2011

The Township of Esquimalt has recommended that policing services in the community be provided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

“We understand that this is a significant change from our current policing services with the Victoria Police Department, but the policing model requested in our Request for Proposal for Policing Services and the policing priorities expressed by the community were most adequately addressed by the RCMP proposal,” said Mayor Barbara Desjardins.

The decision to release the name of the preferred proponent was made after the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General asked for additional information from the Township regarding its submission on policing. As this additional information cannot be obtained without the cooperation of the RCMP and VicPD, the Township decided to release the name of the preferred proponent so that both organizations, in cooperation with the Township and Ministry, can work on providing this information. The Solicitor General is currently working on an interim review of policing in Victoria and Esquimalt which is separate from the process undertaken by Esquimalt’s Policing and Law Enforcement Advisory Panel.

The Township recognizes that residents, the media and the wider public may wish to access additional information on Council’s decision and the work of the Advisory Panel. Council is responding to this need. Information bulletins on the work of the Esquimalt Policing and Law Enforcement Advisory Panel will be regularly posted to These information bulletins will provide as much information as can be released within the guidelines set out by the Ministry, the confidentiality requirements of the RFP process, and the Township’s own Community Charter on sensitive issues.

For more information, please contact:
Barbara Desjardins, Mayor
Tel: 250-412-8600

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