Heritage Designation

Heritage designation is an important way of preserving the Esquimalt’s community heritage.

There are currently 13 properties in Esquimalt designated as heritage buildings. These buildings include:

  1. 649 Admirals Road - “Peter N. Cotton House” "Trafalgar" 
  2. 1379 Esquimalt Road - ** St. Paul’s Anglican Church (also under consideration as a National Heritage site)
  3. 1388 Esquimalt Road - “Devon Cottage”
  4. 622 Head Street - “Trafalgar House”
  5. 657 Lampson Street - "Windford"
  6. 670 Lampson Street- Lampson Street School
  7. 727 Lampson Street
  8. 1179 Munro Street - “Stonehenge Park”
  9. 706 Warder Place (1182 Old Esquimalt Road) - “Lyndhurst”
  10. 851 Wollaston Street
  11. 901 Wollaston Street (572 Head Street) - “Seascape”
  12. 1221 Old Esquimalt Road 
  13. 429 Lampson Street - English Inn and Resort  

Heritage designation protects properties with heritage value by requiring approval by Council resolution for:

  • demolition of the designated building or structure
  • alterations to the façade or exterior of the designated building
  • building on designated land

Once heritage designation is approved, it is passed on automatically to future owners, if the property is sold.

In Esquimalt, property owners must apply for heritage designation before the municipality will provide heritage designation. There are many properties in Esquimalt with heritage value, which have not yet received heritage designation.

Download a Heritage Designation Application.

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